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Benefits of an On-Base Bank



Military banks are full-service financial institutions with experience in and a passion for serving the unique needs of military personnel and their families.


Full Service

Military banks do not limit their services to their customers; they provide services to customers and non-customers in the military communities they serve.



On-base banks partner with the commands and the military communities they serve by providing financial services and sponsoring community activities and programs.


Financial Education

Military banks are committed in their operating agreements to provide financial education to all base personnel and family members. This benefit is particularly important as Congress redefines military compensation and retirement benefits.


Responsible Lending

On-base banks engage in responsible lending by helping qualified service members and their families bridge occasional gaps between paychecks. As alternatives to predatory lending often available outside the installation’s main gate, military banks offer loans at reasonable prices and employ lending practices designed to improve borrower credit.



All on-base banks provide military members, civilian employees, and their families a choice of financial service providers without requiring them to leave the base. This choice results in a healthy competition through increased availability of products and services, improved delivery methods, and more favorable prices for members of the military community.


Command Support

Most military banks are participants in the Treasury General Account program, through which they provide financial services to federal entities on the installation. These banks also store cash, thereby eliminating the need for on-base entities to transport their funds off-base.



Some military banks are located inside Military Exchanges and offer financial services during Exchange operating hours. Most on-base banks manage ATM machines that provide access to cash 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Support to the mission

Commercial, nonprofit, and other on-base accounts can be maintained at military banks. Alternatives such as personnel traveling off-base to perform these financial tasks potentially adversely impact their unit’s mission.



Military banks serve where our military serves. Whether through on-base banks in the United States or abroad or through electronic bank networks like the Armed Forces Financial Network (AFFN), military banks provide military members access to their money wherever they are assigned or deployed.

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The Association of Military Banks of America is comprised of regular and associate member banks and corporate members. Regular members are those on-base military banks operating within the gates of installations of all four service branches (Army, Air Force, Navy and, Marine Corps.) Associate members are those who have military banking programs and are serving a military population. Corporate members are those who provide financial services and products for financial institutions and a military population. Click on the link below to view all AMBA members.

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