Association of Military Banks of America

Veterans Benefits Banking Program

The VBBP offer Veterans and service members safe, reliable and inexpensive ways to receive and manage their VA monetary benefits through banking institutions that specialize in services for military personnel, Veterans and their families through federally-insured financial products, services and education.

VA’s collaboration with AMBA will leverage its consortium of military-friendly financial institutions that cater to service members.

“VBBP offers another way to simplify banking choices to help eligible Veterans select the right bank for themselves and their families. The VA and AMBA are proud to provide this opportunity to connect veterans with banks that understand their needs.” – Robert Wilkie, Former Secretary of Veterans Affairs

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Many people do not know about the credit scoring system—much less their credit score—until they attempt to buy a home, take out a loan to start a business or make a major purchase.
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What is Childhood Identity Theft?
Child Identity Theft occurs when someone uses an underage child’s social security number to obtain credit, employment, financial aid, leases, utility services, and so on.
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The “End Veteran Hunger Act,” would authorize a five-year pilot program offering $50 million in grants to increase outreach and education for veterans; to connect them to federal programs, and to reduce the stigma associated with using such programs.

11 Calculators to Help You Scope Out Your Personal Finances

Military OneSource has assembled 11 calculators to show you ways to pay off debt and help you better manage life’s financial decisions.

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Benefits of being a member of AMBA
AMBA provides up-to-date information to its members through its continued active and mutually beneficial relationships with key financial trade associations, the Department of Defense, and the Military Departments.

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