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Armed Forces Financial Guide

Now all in one place, this guide provides key information on important financial issues like qualifying for and accessing service member and military family benefits, reading your LES, everyday finances, planning for the future and much more.

Created in collaboration with DCUC and AMBA, the guide was developed with the input of seasoned military leaders with education and experience in military personal finance. The PDF version of the Guide can be viewed below.  The Guide can be purchased in limited printed copies (on Amazon), ePub version (with Lightbulb Press), or in bulk by contacting AMBA. Use the hyperlinks below to view or purchase the Guide.

Did you just enlist? Commission? Start on Title 10 orders?

Are you wondering what to do with your paycheck the 1st and 15th of each month?  What’s the best way to start saving for retirement?   How do you build good credit?

Do you ever wonder what creditors know about you and your credit history? Find out what they know, and how you can improve your score or correct mistakes on your credit history.

Is inflation making things harder? Get tips on how to make a plan for variable and fixed expenses, what that means, how you can work to get ahead of inflation, and much more. The Armed Forces Financial Guide has the answers!

Many people do not know about the credit scoring system—much less their credit score—until they attempt to buy a home, take out a loan to start a business or make a major purchase.
Learn how your credit score can impact you.

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What is Childhood Identity Theft?
Child Identity Theft occurs when someone uses an underage child’s social security number to obtain credit, employment, financial aid, leases, utility services, and so on.
Learn More + How To Protect Your Children

The “End Veteran Hunger Act,” would authorize a five-year pilot program offering $50 million in grants to increase outreach and education for veterans; to connect them to federal programs, and to reduce the stigma associated with using such programs.

11 Calculators to Help You Scope Out Your Personal Finances

Military OneSource has assembled 11 calculators to show you ways to pay off debt and help you better manage life’s financial decisions.

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Benefits of being a member of AMBA
AMBA provides up-to-date information to its members through its continued active and mutually beneficial relationships with key financial trade associations, the Department of Defense, and the Military Departments.

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