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A Financial Preparedness Kit

In some high-risk assignment locations, military families must constantly be prepared for “non-combatant evacuation.” The universal requirement for such preparation is to assemble all important documents in a “NEO Kit” that would be taken by the family to wherever they evacuate. MILDOCS is, in essence, a “NEO Kit.”

The following pages are intended to provide military families – or any other family that wants to organize their important documents – a guide to identifying, collecting, and storing them. It’s a “low-tech” way of ensuring those documents will be safe from whatever calamities or emergencies may arise. It’s also a way of eliminating dependence on digital devices and the electricity powering them – neither of which may be available in an emergency. But, this kit is only as effective as your diligence in keeping it up-to-date and your commitment to take it with you if you need to evacuate immediately.

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Military Family Support Programming Survey 2021
The results are in on
1. Healthcare Insights
2. Family Relationships
3. Financial Wellbeing
4. Housing
5. Food Insecurity
6. Military Community & Transition
Read the results and MFAN's recommendations.👇

Breakdown of the numbers from the MFAN Survey Results -

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Happy 232nd birthday, U.S. Coast Guard! ⚓ 🇺🇸 🎂

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Today we celebrate the Coast Guard’s 232 years of honorable and courageous service to the Nation!
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