Association of Military Banks of America

AMBA Member Banks on Installations

Are known as AMBA Regular Members defined as Department of Defense approved, federally insured banking institutions, military banking facilities, or branches of such institutions located on a military installation. All banking offices located on military installations are carried automatically as Regular Members unless a banking office formally declines such membership in writing.

Regular Members are classed as:
Active: Regular Members that pay their annual membership dues. Only Active Members may vote on Association matters at membership meetings.
Inactive: Those Regular Members that do not become Active members or fail to maintain Active membership.

Inactive members who would like to apply for active AMBA Membership by filling out and submitting this application or click on the image below.

After the online application has been submitted, membership in the Association will be granted upon acceptance by the Board of Directors and upon payment of membership dues.

Membership Directory

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Suicide Prevention Month: Be the Change You Want to See -

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