Association of Military Banks of America

Military Saves Month – April 2022

As part of the larger nationwide America Saves Campaign, Military Saves will again be conducted in cooperation with the Consumer Federation of America.  As with last year, an entire month will be dedicated to Military Saves in 2022.

Military Saves Month is a widely recognized national campaign where thousands of organizations join together to collectively encourage the military community to focus on their individual financial wellness. Over the course of a month, Military Saves will cover money-related topics from a relatable, down-to-earth, positive perspective. Savers end the month with tools, resources, and clarity on their current financial situation, new savings goals, and a realistic plan to achieve them.

Weekly Themes

Week 1: Saving Automatically
Week 2: Save For The Unexpected
Week 3: Save For Retirement
Week 4: Save By Reducing Debt 
Week 5: Save as a Family

The Military Saves Pledge is the central tool that allows Savers to set a goal and make a plan to achieve better financial stability. Take the Pledge below!

Information for AMBA Member Banks:

AMBA and its member banks have a record of strong support for the annual Military Saves Campaign since its inception.

Click here to sign-up to participate in Military Saves Month 2022.  Even if you have signed up in the past, Military Saves creates a new list of participating organizations each year, so please sign-up again.

You will also receive news, updates, and free co-brandable materials for Military Saves Month.  Now is the time to begin your plans for Military Saves Week 2022.

Promoting the benefits of savings to servicemembers and their families, offering incentives for customers or members to open or add money to savings accounts, holding workshops, and developing new partnerships are just a few of the many ways to help servicemembers and their families take financial action during Military Saves Month.

Access the digital toolkit here.

Please partner with the installation’s personal financial manager and others at your installation for a successful program.

Preparing Your Credit to Purchase a Home
Buying a home is one of the largest purchases many will make in their lifetime. Having a healthy credit file and good money habits beforehand will lead to better loan terms, resulting in savings.

Vacation season is in full swing and many people are looking for a place to stay. If you’re one of the people who has been scammed by a fake vacation rental listing, you’re not alone.
Tips to Avoid Fake Vacation Rental Listings...

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It's National Homeownership Month! 🏡 Tips for getting your credit in order! -

MILDOCS | A Financial Preparedness Kit
The following link is intended to provide military families – or any other family that wants to organize their important documents – a guide to identifying, collecting, and storing them.
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June is National Homeownership Month
June is considered to be the “busiest” month for home sales – making it the perfect time to highlight the many ways homeownership impacts the lives of American families and their financial health.


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