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AMBA Gram – Department of the Air Force 2022 Distinguished Bank Service Award Nomination

Annually, the Department of the Air Force recognizes the on-base financial institutions that provided exceptional service to the community during the preceding calendar year.  It is time once again to recognize those financial institutions which went above and beyond what was called for in the associated operating agreements.  Nominations should focus on the local accomplishments of the banks, and not at the “corporate” level.  The Department of the Air Force 2022 Distinguished Bank Service nominations are now open!

Attached are the Call for Nomination Memorandum and Nomination Form.  The deadline for submitting the Nomination Package is NLT 28 April 2023.  Nominations must be submitted to Mr. Michael Windsor, at  Questions can be directed to him by email or at 937-522-2184.

All award nominations for 2022 should be submitted IAW attached memorandum

and include a cover memo from the installation commander (or vice-commander),

a completed nomination form and a copy of the current operating agreement.  

If the operating agreement is expired, a nomination cannot be put forth.

Winners of the Military Departments’ 2022 Distinguished Bank Awards will be recognized at the

2023 AMBA Fall Workshop, from 20 – 23 August, at the Ritz-Carlton, Philadelphia, PA.  Registrations and hotel reservations are opening in May.  We look forward to seeing you at the AMBA Workshop…


Nomination Form