Association of Military Banks of America

Military Saves Month: Bringing Financial Institutions Together to Ensure the Financial Success of Military Families

By Amanda Mitchell, AFC® Candidate

2020 has been a wild ride for the entire world. The challenges of the last year have pushed financial issues into the forefront of international news. These hardships that the COVID-19 pandemic has presented galvanizes the importance of such initiatives as Military Saves Month. Military Saves Month is a program championed by Military Saves whose goal is to enhance the Joint Forces’ financial health by rallying those who play critical roles in the overall readiness of military families. However, guiding service members toward financial freedom is a group effort, and we cannot accomplish this vital task without you.

Things You Should Know About Military Families

  • Despite 68% of military families taking advantage of retirement savings products and programs available to them, America’s service members and their families still have significant worries about their financial futures.
  • Financial stress is something that 62% of military families experience.
  • military families’ primary financial concerns are saving for the future and overcoming unexpected expenses
  • 42% of military families think their financial institution’s website helps them meet their savings goals.

How You Can Help

Partnering with Military Saves is a great way to gain inside information the challenges that military families face and the best ways that you can help. Upon registering as a participating organization Military Saves will provide you with:

  • A participation guide
  • Partner Resource Packet
  • A blog post from Military saves
  • Social media content
  • New content every six weeks
  • Provide ideas about the best ways to reach your military customers and promote financial wellness within your community.

Registering as a participating organization for Military Saves Month is easy and can be done from their website and only takes a few minutes. Please consider joining us in helping to guide our service members toward financial freedom and helping to ensure a brighter, more secure future for our military families.