Association of Military Banks of America

Homestead ARB, FL – ATM only Solicitation

Homestead Air Reserve Base Florida is soliciting local area banks for interest in installing and maintaining an ATM presence at our location.  The Department of the Air Force Comptroller will grant final approval based on evaluation of the proposals received.  

Space for banking operation will be provided by the Army Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) and the 482d Fighter Wing.  The selected financial institution must be willing to enter into agreement(s) with AAFES and 482 FW separately for the purposes of space utilization.

The review of proposals will include the following information and mist be submitted by 12 January 2017 using the attached ATM Solicitation Questionnaire.

  1. Total services offered
  2. Service fees/charges
  3. Extent of logistical support required

Written proposals and any questions should be directed to:
Mr. Michael Young: phone: 786-415-7017
29050 Coral Sea Blvd. Homestead ARB, FL 33039

Read full solicitation and Questionnaire