Association of Military Banks of America

AMBA Member Banks Stand Ready in Case of Possible Government Shutdown

In the event of a government shutdown, military banks will respond, as they have in the past when faced with natural disasters and pending or actual government shutdowns, by providing tailored, case-by-case assistance to their military and civilian customers.  

Our banks are well aware of the impact of a government shutdown on the Department of Defense and other uniformed services, and understand that service members may be ordered to stay on the job while temporarily not being paid.  Military banks have also supported their civilian customers during previous furloughs.  

Similar shutdowns have been threatened and implemented in past years.   Military banks stood ready then and stand ready today to support their military and civilian customers. 

Please be assured that our military banks understand and are prepared to respond to the special needs of their military communities.  They have a long history of serving the best interests of their customers, the local command, and their military communities during difficult times.