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Bank Employee and Naturalized U.S. Citizen – How My Military Bank Helped me Achieve my Goals!

Since my husband was assigned to Fort Sill, I decided to support his Company and become a FRG Leader, which was personally rewarding for me. I got to meet and help lots of people and was amazed that people recognized my hard job and in a short period I had earned very nice awards from the Army.

My history as a Bank Employee begins May 2014 when I decided to apply at Fort Sill National Bank for a Teller position; I was very scared but hopeful about it. My husband gave me a nice talk of confidence so I did it. After a few days of waiting I finally got the phone call from the PX Branch Manager Tamara Rietcheck, I was so excited and thankful that I cried over the phone. I didn’t mention it before but I was born and raised in Ecuador, located in South America. I moved to the United States in 2007 while my husband was serving a tour in Iraq as a Civilian Fireman. So as an immigrant, I wanted to make sure to follow my own career in the United States.

And my great time as an Employee a Fort Sill National Bank doesn’t end there.  After I took the job, I decided to help a friend who couldn’t carry her own babies and became her surrogate. So after that major decision I spoke to my boss because I didn’t want to lose my job.  She told me that what I was doing for my friend was something very special and to be sure about it because I would be off work for a while. But my story doesn’t end there just yet.  A few weeks after that I was feeling like I was on top of the world with an amazing job, an exceptional husband and amazing coworkers that in a short period have become family, so I decided to take one of the most rewarding personal challenges TO BECOME A CITIZEN OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. 

Once again I spoke to my boss about it and she was very supportive of my decision, so I sent the paper work in to Homeland Security and after I got accepted, they gave me books and a CD to study. At my job, for security reasons, I couldn’t play the CD to help me study, but I did order some flash cards to help me study. The bank allowed me to study during my breaks and when we didn’t have customers in line; each employee took some flash cards and asked me the questions. The help and support paid off after a month I took my test and I passed. I called my Bank right away because they were waiting for the news, and in November of the same year that I started my job adventure with Fort Sill National Bank I became a Citizen of the United States of America.

Things are greater and brighter now for me at work with Fort Sill National Bank. Last month I got a promotion, and I am now a Shift Supervisor. I can’t wait to see what the future has for me with my Fort Sill National Bank Family!

Written by Mayra Douke, U.S. Army Spouse of Jesiah Douke, parents of Leanne and Zuri, Lawton, OK

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