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With over two decades of dedicated experience in the web and digital realms, Michelle’s foundation in graphic design and marketing serves as the foundation for her current role as the Communications Specialist for AMBA.  Michelle adeptly leverages social media to facilitate client engagement and resonate with their target audiences. Having initially trained as a graphic designer, Michelle transitioned seamlessly into UI and web design, ultimately evolving into a social media expert through her extensive agency and in-house experience.

Notably, Michelle clinched the inaugural Gold Clio Award in 1996 for a pioneering website crafted for L’eggs pantyhose and This milestone marked the genesis of a career committed to innovative digital solutions.

Possessing a Bachelor of Arts from Marymount University, Michelle calls Annapolis, Maryland her home. Here, she proudly volunteers for various local nonprofit organizations, underscoring her dedication to her community. However, she finds her creative sanctuary by working from the serene shores of Rehoboth Beach whenever possible.

Michelle’s expertise lies in specialized areas including social media management, digital advertising, and graphic design. 

She channels her expertise into advancing VBBP’s mission and objectives, orchestrating robust communication strategies that resonate with diverse audiences. This involves crafting engaging content across various platforms, including newsletters, social media, and websites. Through steadfast collaboration with partners and colleagues, she ensures a unified message and brand identity.

By meticulously analyzing data and metrics, Michelle gauges the efficacy of communication strategies, offering valuable insights and recommendations for refinement. This comprehensive approach underscores her commitment to delivering impactful and results-driven solutions.

A deeply ingrained passion drives Michelle to support the financial wellness of Veterans. Both her father and grandfather served in the Army, immersing her in the military life from an early age. This personal connection fuels her commitment to empowering Veterans in achieving financial stability and security.

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