Association of Military Banks of America

AMBA Banks Ready to Assist Customers During Government Shutdown

A possible government shutdown this weekend has raised significant concerns for all Americans. This uncertainty affects people differently, and it particularly weighs on the minds of service members, veterans, and their families. Questions like “Will I receive my paycheck?” “Am I facing a furlough?” and “How will I manage my expenses?” loom large for many in this group.

For the vast majority of Americans who lack substantial emergency savings, these worries become even more pressing.

With a potential government shutdown looming just days away, we strongly encourage everyone to reach out to their financial institutions to explore potential assistance options. Begin by contacting the institution where your direct deposit is processed, and then extend your inquiries to any other financial relationships you may have.

In numerous cases, financial institutions may offer support and guidance during such uncertain times.

Below are a few examples of AMBA member banks that have set up programs to assist.

First Command Bank:



In addition, we wanted to share this information for Veterans and their benefits: Let’s Talk Shutdown – VA Email Update

Keep watching this space.  We will update this list as new information becomes available.