Association of Military Banks of America

Tripler Fisher House Presentation – AFFN Thank You Cards

Pictured outside the Fisher House (from left): Vince Barfield, Timothy S. Sloan (command sergeant major, Tripler Army Medical Center), Anita Clingerman (manager, Fisher House), Andrew M. Barr (colonel, hospital commander, Tripler Army Medical Center) and Fred Alvarado.

Bank of Hawaii has partnered with the Armed Forces Financial Network (AFFN) to donate $2,000 to the Fisher House at Tripler Army Medical Center. The donation was presented on Thursday, March 2, and distributed as 40 “thank you” cards of $50. Military family members can redeem the cards at commissaries and other merchants during their stay at the Fisher House on Oahu.

Tripler’s Fisher House opened in 1994 to help Hawaii’s military families stay close to loved ones, while being hospitalized or treated for an unexpected illness or injury. The facility fosters rehabilitative opportunities to reintegrate the soldiers and families back into their normal lifestyle. The Fisher House is open and available free of charge to all active duty military service members and their families, the National Guard and retirees from any branch of our Armed Forces.

The BOH/AFFN annual donation and ongoing partnership with Fisher House are just a few of the many ways our company continues to support our troops and their ‘ohana