Association of Military Banks of America

2015 My Military Bank Story Contest – Military Community Members Share Their Stories & Win!

A few weeks ago four lucky winners were awarded with $100 AFFN-AMBA Thank You Cards debit cards for submitting their #MyMilitaryBankStory2015 stories.  We received multiple submissions from the military community.  Stories that were submitted either shared about their employment with a military bank or shared a story of how their military bank assisted in a time of need.

Here are a few highlights from the submitted stories (not all stories were published.)

SSgt Shawna Eggins “My family is the drive and motivation to do what I do every day, to be a Soldier to the best of my ability. Thanks to FSNB support, I am able to continue to serve!”

Ms. Mayra Douke, Military Spouse “Things are greater and brighter now for me at work with Fort Sill National Bank. Last month I got a promotion, and I am now a Shift Supervisor. I can’t wait to see what the future has for me with my Fort Sill National Bank Family!”

Ms. Sherryl Roberts, Military Spouse “I cannot express enough how much gratitude I hold for these employees. They really helped us in our time of need!!! Unfortunately crime is on the rise, but the super-hero strength of FSNB helped to knock out at least one attempt to target a patriotic family.”

Ms. Bailey Justice, Military Spouse “I left Fort Hood National Bank and came back twice, once after my husband left and I moved to South Carolina, and the second time because we thought we were going to PCS.  I currently work at the branch on post and found new opportunities and friends.  My husband is leaving for Korea soon, but I am confident in knowing I will be working for a great company and great people to aid in the difficulties with family separation.”

Brian O. Poole, US Army Veteran ““Wells Fargo and my hiring manager saw that I have related experiences and education. My service in the Army was viewed as an asset — and not for an entry-level role, which I think is the most impressive part. I was blown away by how the company treated me. A lot of companies say they hire vets, but they often don’t at the manager level. This job and Wells Fargo means a lot to me and my family.”

Check out the AMBA blog to read the stories in their entirety.

Military members and their families have unique needs and the military banks that serve them know those needs.   This is what sets those military banks apart from other banks.  Knowing how to best serve their military customers. 

Next year, June 2016, we plan to hold another contest for more story submissions.  But you don’t have to wait until then; you can submit your story to AMBA at anytime.