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Down and Out in Dallas

   A couple of years ago, I met the fate of many others; my debit card was hacked. I am always very pro-active about watching my bank accounts and reviewing anything suspicious, but this incident sneaked in like a quiet mouse and stole all my cheese!!!

     I was on a business trip at the time, and the company I worked for did not offer a travel card, they simply pre-paid our travel expenses by check and then we were required to make our own arrangements. My husband was still on active duty, and I worked for a non-profit, so money was usually tight. I deposited the check into my account and then planned to use my debit card to pay the hotel bill.

     What a surprise, when I went to check out of the hotel two days later, and was told that my debit card was rejected for payment! Not only was the travel money in my account, but my most recent paycheck was deposited also (or so I thought). I immediately logged on to my banking account with Fort Sill National Bank, and saw two large withdrawals of several hundreds of dollars that completely wiped out my account. I had no travel card, no cash to pay the hotel bill, and now I also lost my entire pay! Needless to say, I was extremely distraught.

     I called the local FSNB branch at Sheppard Air Force Base in Texas (my home base), to report the fraud and find out what I could do. The representative researched the fraudulent transactions and asked if I had allowed anyone to use my debit card in Houston, Texas. I explained that I had been away on business hundreds of miles away from there and was holding the card in my hand. I also explained that I had no way to pay for my hotel, gas to get home, and I needed to be there for my son because my husband was on active duty and needed to go to work. The bank rep told me to come in to the branch so they could help. I explained that I was still out of town in Dallas and they did not have a branch there. Then I was given instructions on how to prove where I was the last couple of days when the fraud occurred (luckily the hotel kept thorough records as to when I checked in, my conference attendance, etc.) and then they would try to figure out a solution to get me back home.

     It took a little while, but Fort Sill National Bank and its representatives were able to freeze the charges on my account, open the card up for a very limited window so that I could pay my hotel, and then they immediately went to work to help me recoup the stolen funds. I cannot express enough how much gratitude I hold for these employees. They really helped us in our time of need!!! Unfortunately crime is on the rise, but the super-hero strength of FSNB helped to knock out at least one attempt to target a patriotic family.

Written by Sherryl Roberts, Iowa Park, Texas

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